The Daring Bubblegum Rescue

The Daring Bubblegum Rescue

Jul 18

Buddy was a fairly strange bird. I’ve talked about some of his eccentricities before, but there’s one story in particular that I always remember.

I didn’t chew gum much, growing up. I think I’d had Buddy over a year the first time he ever saw me chewing gum. Eating in front of him wasn’t anything new, but when he saw the strange, pink thing begin to inflate out of my mouth, he fussed.

Of course, he fussed all the time – it was one of his regular noises.  He factored it into his talking and babbling, and even did it to a lesser extent while “sleep mumbling” before bed. So I didn’t pay any particular attention to it as I continued to blow bubbles.

“Thank you…”

“Thank you…”

Jun 24

 Though her name was Baby, I never actually knew my first dog when she was a baby. According to the vet, she was at least twenty years old when we got her. Even for a toy poodle, that’s fairly old.


We only had her for three years, but she was an amazing blessing to me the entire time, that old girl. By the time it was coming on time for her to leave her aging body behind, we also had a young cat by the name of Smokey and another dog (who came from my aunt who couldn’t take care of her anymore for personal reasons).

We’d gotten Smokey about a year earlier – two at most, and Baby had basically raised the little kitten. Smokey was my baby kitty – but more on her in a little bit.

The Garland Incident

The Garland Incident

Jun 08

Pets are wonderful – absolutely wonderful. And yet even the most wonderful pets will occasionally do something that will make you incredibly angry at the time.

Smokey lived for ten years – in that time she only did something that made me incredibly angry once. This became known as the Garland Incident.

Every year around Christmas, I would  string up garland around the inside walls of my bedroom, as well as putting some lights in my bedroom window. Stringing the garland wasn’t the easiest thing to do. I had a nail in one or two corners of my bedroom near the ceiling, but the other two corners would be held by tape.

Prior to this year, Smokey had never shown any real interest in the garland before. Prior to this year, however, she had also never seen me put it up.

My First Buddy

My First Buddy

May 30

I remember a lot of things about Buddy. I hope to go into detail over future posts about him, but when I think of him, it’s the little things that stand out.

Buddy was purchased at a few weeks old from the erstwhile Great Barrier Reef Pet Store located in Houston, TX. It closed a few years after we got him – I don’t actually know when. Not long after Buddy passed away we went back to where he’d come from and found it closed.

But it’s Buddy’s life I want to celebrate.

Buddy was aptly named. He was my very first pet (well, aside from some fish that, I admit, I was not the best owner to). I had wanted a dog for as long as I can remember, and I was twelve years old when we brought Buddy the bird home.

Gone but never forgotten…

Gone but never forgotten…

May 15

This is a site I’ve been wanting to create for awhile. Dedicated to all the loved and lost pets that have graced our lives with their far-too-brief presence.

I lost my first pet, a parakeet named Buddy, when I was fourteen. The most recent pet I’ve bid goodbye to was my best friend’s cat, Taru.

In addition to individual pages that will be dedicated to photo galleries of these and more lost friends, this blog will be used to share anecdotes and other stories from their lives, and yes, in some cases, their afterlives.

An attempt to help hearts so full of grief that a day doesn’t go by without thinking of these lost friends, this site is dedicated to all those who have passed beyond the rainbow bridge.

Beyond The Rainbow Bridge - a poster created for a fictitious autobiographical movie in a digital art class.

A poster I created for a fictitious autobiographical movie in a digital art class.